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OH MY STARS ! you can call me magi if you're a cool kid


going to bangkok!!!

going to bangkok!!!

Anonymous said: yoo can u link the family aus pls and thank

family AU part 1

family AU part 2

family AU part 3

family AU part 4


Anonymous said: Give me some facts about Jearmin. uvu

eek sorry im an ereminion

Anonymous said: hi magi i am a cool kid now thanks

ur welcome son

kanekis-mask-that-kaneki-owns said: I love your little snk buttons but daaaaaaaang that shipping. I'd love to buy them one day but i think it'd be cheaper to just make my own :c

yeah sorry about that :c shipping prices are tough stuff when it’s not stationary so it can’t be helped! good news is ill have the stickers version up soon along with my hq!! stuff so i hope that makes up for it!

sheepspit said: hi! i have a question, how do you make your stickers? do you do them on the computer and then print them off? or?

yeah i draw em digitally on photoshop or sai then i print them @ desco n cut them myself :’^o i also add a little plastic strip into every sticker(sweet tip i got from olivia!!) to make it easier to peel off the sticker

Anonymous said: Pls notice me senpai.

but i gotta play it cool first

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