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OH MY STARS ! you can call me magi if you're a cool kid


Originally by FUFU

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exam arc in sport manga is intense

my babies as babies

my babies as babies

the queen of quilts…. rules the eiderdown kingdom

the queen of quilts…. rules the eiderdown kingdom

Anonymous said: Tell meee why you ship Eremin a lot? UvU give me 4 or 5 reasons. UvU

1) dream that keeps them alive: to see the outside world tOGETHER
2)they’ve cried the cutest shonen tears for eachother
3)they’re p much the captains of eachother’s defense squad
4)they keep eachother safe n my heart warm ty for that kids
5)on more than one occasion have almost died for each other n lets not forget eren saving armin after he jUST LOST A LIMB OK

tell me about ur nice summer vacations

Anonymous said: Pls tell me who's you're top 5 OTP? *^*

ymirxeveryone………..(mostly krista tho)


I’ve finally finished it!;_; I guess I just needed an excuse to draw a bunch of shirtless teenagers.

Anonymous said: where r u from?

the capital

Anonymous said: When making family aus can you please please tag them as " magi family au " so that i can follow the tag? So many post so i cant see the old ones , i really really love your art <3

oh that’s a good idea thanks hombre!! :^)))